Rev. Lisa j Winston

My mission is to teach people to “see” with our eyes, minds and hearts — still, open and aligned — to cultivate our inner vision keeper, our Higher Self for the greater good.

Safe, sacred space is our birthright. My intention as a Minister, VisionKeeper and Photographer is to hold that with grace and humility, honoring people of all wisdom traditions and none. My wish is that humankind lives awake, aware and more deeply connected with our fellow beings, our environment and our Selves.

I am a spiritual guide, mentor and a life-long seeker of beauty, truth and goodness. I received my Interfaith Ordination through The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley CA and am also a student of Baba Harihar Ram in the Aghor Yoga tradition. I am a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School and Tree of Life Training, and certified in Reiki, Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology. As an award-winning photographer and practitioner of the Zen tradition of meditative seeing, I infuse my ministerial and spiritual care offerings with creativity and contemplative practices.


What others say about Lisa:

Lisa’s Divine Sight arose from the devotion of a tenacious spirit longing to know the essential beauty which resides in every thing once it resides in the undivided heart of the seer. Working with Lisa is a rigorous journey home to the emergent beauty of Self, which is reflected everywhere. Deborah Jones – Spiritual Director, Nine Gates Mystery School

Lisa’s devotion to helping others and imbuing every task with sacredness found an ideal home while at Sonoma Ashram. Her service has been received in the same way it has been given: with an open heart. She makes people of all ages and backgrounds feel welcome and safe as they pursue their spiritual path. Jeanette LoCurto – Chair, Sonoma Ashram Board

Lisa is a leader, so down to earth and an inspiration of how to live a spiritual life while keeping her feet on the ground and enjoying life. We are so thankful to have Lisa in our lives, with her unique sense of humor, as our spiritual sister and friend whom we love. PV – member of the Sonoma Ashram Sangha

We see in Lisa an example of how to be a good human being. Her energy vibrates a feeling of deep spirituality and devotion. LL – member of the Sonoma Ashram Sangha