Lisa j Winston

Humankind must wake up to our interconnectedness with all beings, our surroundings and our Selves, and work toward eliminating suffering.

My life work is learning to “see,” and in that process, teach others to see with our eyes, minds and hearts — still, open and aligned — to cultivate our inner vision keeper, our Higher Self in service to the greater good. Safe, sacred space is our birthright. As a Creative, Sacred and Healing Arts Counselor I hold that birthright with humility and in grace, honoring all humanity, creatures and mother earth.

I believe that beauty, truth and goodness are how we access and experience the Divine in ourselves, in all people, places and things, whether we embrace a spiritual tradition or not. Nature and Zen inform the aesthetics of my creative, sacred and healing arts practices. I received my Interfaith Ordination through The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley CA and am a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School, and Tree of Life / Kabbalah training. I am a student of Baba Harihar Ram in the Aghor Yoga tradition, a certified practitioner in Usui Reiki, BTB Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology, as well as a professional member of IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies.

What others say about Lisa:

Lisa’s Divine Sight arose from the devotion of a tenacious spirit longing to know the essential beauty which resides in every thing once it resides in the undivided heart of the seer. Working with Lisa is a rigorous journey home to the emergent beauty of Self, which is reflected everywhere. Deborah Jones – Spiritual Director, Nine Gates Mystery School

Lisa is a leader, so down to earth and an inspiration of how to live a spiritual life while keeping her feet on the ground and enjoying life. We are so thankful to have Lisa in our lives, with her unique sense of humor, as our spiritual sister and friend whom we love. PV – member of the Sonoma Ashram Sangha

Interfaith Experience and  Education

  • Aghor Yoga Tradition
  • Buddhism: Tibetan and Zen
  • Celtic Druidism
  • Earth-Based, Goddess and Indigenous Wisdom
  • Energy Alchemy: BTB Feng Shui and Usui Reiki
  • Judaism and Kabbalah/Tree of Life
  • Hawaiian Huna
  • Hospital Chaplaincy/CPE
  • Islam and Sufism
  • Mystical Christianity
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Taoism

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