Chaplain Services

Blessings, Ceremonies & Rituals

Secular or Faith-based:  I am happy to collaborate with you to create a unique, intimate and memorable wedding ceremony, memorial service, grief ritual, rite of passage, blessing for a newborn, new home, land blessing or to celebrate the turning of the seasons. Ceremonies and rituals bring people together in community, celebrate life and offer space for reflection and renewal. They also help support us through trying times.

Meditation & Prayer

Meditation has proven to be a wonderful tool for stress reduction in the secular world. It also provides access to the divine for those  steeped in spiritual inquiry. I have heard many people say they won’t even try meditation because they can’t sit still, they can’t turn their minds off, they’re afraid they won’t do it right, etc., etc.  There are so many different ways to meditate. Together we will create a program that works for you and fits into your lifestyle with ease.  This can be an individual, family or group session.

I often hear resistance to prayer as well, with people saying they don’t believe in it, or asking, “who or what am I praying to?” I was one of those people until I experienced the felt-sense of the energy of a group of people praying for me, 1000 miles away, prior to a delicate surgery. That experience convinced me to manage a prayer circle for a spiritual community of 700. I have plenty of stories about what prayer is or can be, and of prayers working, really. I am happy to provide public prayer, hold small group prayer sessions and also help individuals create their own prayers.

Sacred Circle Work

Labyrinth Walks: I use the labyrinth as a meditative tool for balancing and integrating left and right brain activities in personal 1-1 spiritual guidance and vision keeping. I also create and lead public labyrinth meditations and ceremonies for celebrating seasonal changes and rites of passage. “I very much appreciate Lisa’s openness, balance and wisdom when using the labyrinth, guiding people to trust in themselves during the turns on life’s journey.” – Jo Ann Mast, Labyrinth Facil itator and Master Teacher

Circular Wedding Ceremony: Together with the bride and groom we created an intimate circle of guest seating, holding the ceremony in the center. Guests filed into their seats following the spiral layout. A section of the outer ring of chairs remained empty to honor the loved ones who could not attend.  Giving the invocation as I walked the circle, I explained how perfectly a circle symbolizes the cycles of life …no beginning, no end… and how everyone’s energy spiraling in helped to create the sacred container for the ceremony.

Sermons & Satangs

I am available for guest sermons, and Satsangs or to lead spiritual salons at your church, temple, senior center or organization. I have given Christian sermons at Spring Lake Village Senior Center in Santa Rosa, and the Northbrae Community Church in Berkeley, and held Satsang at the Sonoma Ashram in Sonoma. You can find my sermons and Satsangs

Spiritual Care & Guidance

I am available for private 1-1 spiritual care and guidance for individuals who may be at a turning point in their lives, exploring existential questions, faith, mysticism, truth, beauty and goodness. My personal spiritual experiences, Nine Gates Mystery School and Tree of Life training, Interfaith Studies at The Chaplaincy Institute, working as a Chaplain Resident at Marin General Hospital and Clinical Pastoral Education through CSCPF, all provide a solid foundation for the spiritual care and guidance I offer.

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