Ceremonies & Rituals

Energy Alchemy

Energy Alchemy is not mysterious. It is something we each experience and practice in our daily lives, often without much thought You can learn how to take notice of the energies in your body, home, street, town, and larger world and then intentionally shift these energies to create more positive outcomes in your life.

Energy – is the life force, prana, chi, around and within us, from the source of our universe to each breath we take. Energy is in constant motion, it seeks equilibrium, and it never dies. Energy is released in the vibration of the smallest subatomic particle to the largest cosmic big bang.  Energy is the movement of air, whispering or thunderous; the lick of a flame, subtle or voracious; the cascade of water, in a trickle or a torrent; the sounds of our world, soft or loud; the birth, growth and death of all living things, slow or fast; Energy is present.

Alchemy – is the transmutation, shift, or change of substances and energy. We can initiate change in our personal energy through meditation and by expressing our creative energies through visual and performing arts.  Shifting the energy of our environment can occur by de-cluttering or clearing space, infusing it with beauty, or creating a quiet, sacred space.

If Energy is Life and Alchemy is Transformation – then Energy Alchemy is how we transform our life.

Meditation & Prayer

Sacred Circle Work

The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for walking meditation, for celebrating seasonal changes, and for balancing and integrating left and right brain activities. I offer creative labyrinth walks, meditations, and ceremonies.   “I very much appreciate Lisa’s openness, balance and wisdom when using the labyrinth, guiding people to trust in themselves during the turns on life’s journey.” – Jo Ann Mast, Labyrinth Facilitator and Master Teacher

Wedding Ceremony Circular Layout: The bride and groom wanted a circular seating arrangement for a more intimate setting during the ceremony. We created a layout, similar to a labyrinth, and had guests file into their seats in a spiral. Areas of the outer ring of chairs remained empty to honor the spirit of loved ones who could not attend.  During the invocation I explained how perfectly the circle symbolizes the cycles of life …no beginning – no end… and how everyone’s energy spiraling in helped to create the sacred space for the ceremony.

Sermons & Satangs

Spiritual Care & Guidance


I have the pleasure of not only knowing Lisa, but also sharing universal truths and energy healing. She stands in her own divinity with integrity, awareness and grace. She is a pure conduit for the powerful energy she delivers. A healing session with Lisa, in whatever form it takes, brings about a wholeness and peace that can be felt and recognized within you. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to any person, group or company that is looking for a compassionate, knowing, professional healer and teacher. Julie Gullick-Wiley – Sacred Journey’s, Reiki Master / Intuitive