Creative Arts Offerings

I’ve been an artist and photographer all my life. When people ask me what type of photography I do, I say I take photos of whatever captures or inspires me. I prefer slowing down and taking in my surroundings from multiple angles resulting in contemplative photography, rather than being snap happy. And, I believe that Spirit reveals herself in everyone and every thing whether grand or mundane. It’s all how we choose to see. When I teach people to see through eyes, mind and heart, it brings our energy into alignment, into stillness, and into an expansive view that embraces a wholeness, rather than a separation of self and other, subject and object. I also love discovering the unseen magic through “Camera Dancing™” which involves using a slow shutter speed and deliberate camera motion plus a little help from Photoshop. In addition to photography I enjoy exploring our inner landscape making mandala art and “Heart & Soul™” collages. I hope you’ll join one of the upcoming workshops or retreats, where we always incorporate creative, sacred and healing arts.

Many Blessings


One of the remarkable things about Lisa’s photographs is the amount of presence that emanates from them. She has a gift for capturing the eternal. Whether a close up detail of the heart of a flower, a sweeping vista or gentle curl of a leaf, I am always moved by her work. Seeing her photographs reminds me of the tender beauty I am always surrounded by as I go through my days and helps me remember to slow down enough to notice and be nourished by it. – Christine Tulis, Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts

Visit my photo galleries for limited edition prints and projects I’m working on.

Rivers of Light Tapestry

Rivers of Light Tapestry  ©2015 LjW Divine Sight    20w x 36h on Canvas   $720



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