Divine Reflections in Nature

Limited Edition Prints – Signed and Numbered

This is the first offering of 10 Divine Reflections in Nature images from an ongoing collection numbering 30 images so far. These mirror image photographs depict my deep connection with Mother Nature’s elements — water, earth, plants, trees and sky. Meditating with these images revealed healing wisdom for me personally and may provide healing and inspirational wisdom for you. If you would like to learn how to view and engage with this art for deeper meaning, I would be honored to work with you. Please contact me for details.

10 x 15 prints $180 • 16 x 24 prints $270 • plus tax, shipping and handling

All photographs are archival prints on fine art paper

Email me to order: revlisa@ljwdivinesight.us

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery

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