Take a “beauty” break from the Chaos

Pictures are worth 1000 words. TENS of thousands of words have been penned to accompany the disturbing images of the powerful angry white men in our “reality-TV-show-government” yelling and sniveling, coming unhinged in public for all the world to witness. Just seeing those photos of rage, let alone hearing the lack of civility in those voices, has triggered memories of acts of violence for many (of us) who have been violated.

To comfort my own anger, despair, frustration, sadness and yes PTSD, I turned to mother nature, where I found peace, and strength and hope in the silence and beauty she offered. I’m very aware that it is a gift, a luxury, to be able to go to the woods or a stream or a beach to seek solace. So I say thank you to everyone who continues posting images and words of beauty, joy, peace, love and inspiration. We SO need that, now more than ever.

I share this gem from today. I invite you take a moment to pause, take a breath, and in a few seconds of silence, sink into the tenderness this Morning Glory holds. Be kind to yourself and take a wee break from the chaos…

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Morning Glory

Spirit of Nature/Nature of Spirit – Sacred Self Care

Yesterday I invested in sacred self-care, tending to and mourning old wounds, traumas and disappointments –attuning my heart-mind with mother nature for her healing wisdom.  I invite you to unplug from the insanity in the world right now… as it appears it will continue.  Take time. Practice Self compassion and regenerate your courage and strength in the quiet beauty of nature. What we cultivate within, radiates out…

Walk gently.     Stop. Look. Listen. Feel. Breathe.      Repeat.

I share with you, what was offered to me:

The Yearling



Deer – a doe and two young ones, their loving message as they patiently allowed me to be right next to them, “Be gentle with yourself.”




Two Ravens


Two Ravens – enjoying the sun at the beach, cawed, “Dear One, You carry the shapeshifting magic within to create your own life.”





Snowy Egret


Snowy Egret – standing tall amongst the rocks, diligently stalking small fish for lunch, agreed,  “Summon your determination and self-reliance. Never give up.”







Hummingbird – busily flitting to and fro, drinking the nectar of life added,  “You, who are fiercely independent, remember to also be playful and full of joy.”






A flock of Geese – gathered in pairs near a ‘heart’ tree, reminded me, “Do not fear venturing solo into the unknown, as you are never truly alone.


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With thanks to Ted Andrews for the wisdom of Animal Speak.

Autumn’s Approach

Mother eucalyptus

Her outstretched limbs greet us

with a screeeee in the wind,

Mourning summer’s waning hours

as evening fog creeps in.

Lisa j Winston ©092118

Mother Eucalyptus

Evening Fog


Chakra Colors from Hawaii – The Healing Power of Flowers

Beautiful flowers are in such abundance in Hawaii… The sight of them brings me much joy!  Everything about them radiates healing. These gifts were received during our Sisters of Spirit Healing Photography Retreat in August. Stay tuned for future healing photography retreats…

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Van Gogh Meets Monet

When I had my near-death-experience (May 3, 2005) the final message I received was my own personal Koan – “Painting, painting, painting, I just want to paint flowers!” Over the years I’ve pondered what the deeper meaning of this might be, and when I shared it with other NDERs at the recent IANDS conference someone just had to ask, “So have you painted flowers?” Ummmm, well…no. But finding this photo filter sure has been fun!
Van Gogh Meets Monet

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Early Fall Colors & Light – Peaceful Easy Feeling

Had a lovely mid-day amble with fellow photographer and mystic, Michael Eller, in Sebastopol… At our leisurely pace we could see, feel, smell and hear the first hints of autumn’s turn — a murder of crows gathering in a single tree; a magnificent chorus of Redwing Blackbirds trilling at the swamp; dappled sunlight dancing on water through the old oak’s branches. I topped off the afternoon enjoying the blue-gray shimmer of Tamales Bay as the fog rolled in. Nothing like Nature to rebalance our energies.

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Aloha from Kohala Coast

On the Big Island’s upper Kohala Coast, we chased rainbows and sunsets, visited a sacred site, off-the-beaten-path beaches and a Buddhist Cemetery. This was very grounding and very peaceful. We stayed at KickBack Air BnB in Kappa’au and enjoyed coffee every morning in Hawi at Kohala Coffee Mill…yum! When we got rained out at Pololu Point we photographed flowers. Watch for the final installment!

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