Mother’s Day Blessing

As we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and sisters–those near to us and afar, those who gave birth to us and those who support us in community–let us also remember she who holds us all, our Mother Earth. May we treat her land, waters, fire and sky, flora and fauna, all beings, with love and respect. May we kiss the ground upon which we walk, in thanks… for without her we can not Be.

May the earth continue to live

May the heavens above continue to live

May the rains continue to dampen the land

May the wet forests continue to grow

Then the flowers shall bloom

And we people shall live again.

Hawaiian Prayer – from Earth Prayers

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All photos infused with Spirit and ©2017 LjWinston


Spring Equinox Blessing

May all the seeds we plant grow to abundant fruition. May our dreams and aspirations be fulfilled in the coming months. May our hearts open every wider, and may we truly See the Divine in Every Thing and Every One. May it be so.   Happy Spring!



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All photos infused with Spirit and ©2017, Rev. Lisa j Winston

The Beauty of a wet, green, early spring

Beauty invites us towards profound elegance of soul. It reminds us that we are heirs to elegance and nobility of spirit and encourages us to awaken the Divinity within us. – John O’Donohue, Celtic Mystic, Author & Poet

He who realizes the inner beauty of his Self realizes the mystery of God. – Guru Babaji, Sonoma Ashram

These photos were taken in and around Sonoma Ashram during a rare day of no rain. The Beauty of the Divine in so many forms, if we only choose to really SEE It–new grass sprouts where there was merely dirt and mud. Blossoms burst forth for bees to bumble in, where bare twigs trembled only days ago. Old leaves decay to create food for pollywogs. An oil slick on still water reflects clouds. The limbs of a gnarly tree dance a tango against a gray sky. Life giving water; reflecting, still, flowing. And in SEEing It, we become one with It and our outer and inner worlds merge. Blessings on this rainy February day.

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All photos infused with spirit and ©2017 Rev. Lisa j Winston/LjW DivineSight


Moon & Venus January 1, 2017

At Sonoma Ashram we celebrated the New Year mostly in Silence, with a quiet ritual of release, a little chanting, and a lot of meditation.  We were graced by a clear night sky revealing the Moon and Venus in their full glory.  Babaji’s message to us for the year, is “Keep Lightness in Your Heart.”   May we all develop the capacity to hold that lightness, no matter what lies ahead. With love and respect, Rev. Lisa j Winston.

Moon and Venus January 1, 2017 night sky from Sonoma Ashram, Sonoma CA

Moon and Venus January 1, 2017 night sky from Sonoma Ashram, Sonoma CA                            ©LjWinston


Ordination November 19, 2016

My Homily

I would like to offer up a prayer-poem encouraging us to be responsible to our fellow human beings and to ourselves…

Beloveds, Let us look inward, deeply…past the gatekeepers of arrogance, pride, lust, greed, sloth, anger, fear and aversions. Step into the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies, where the Shakti energy rises to the natural frequency of Divine Truth. Enter the center of your own vortex where you must stay grounded in stillness. Be in discernment so as not to spin endlessly in your mind’s imagination. Listen to that still voice of your inner Guru, “stop, take a step back, take a breath…” and then with conscious speech say only what is necessary. Stay disciplined in your daily practice filling your soul chalice,so that selfless service pours forth with Divine grace. Be mindful of every word… every thought… every action. Practice compassion. It is far more powerful than tolerance. Keep the tabernacle of your heart open… pure and free to love and be loved. Safe sacred space is our birthright… and our calling is to hold it for all. Forgive yourself and others… in all ways. See beauty, elegance and nobility flowering in each soul. Our purpose in this human form is to unite with the Divine. Be courageous and have faith in the mystery… the unknown, with no attachment to outcomes… even though it is most uncomfortable. Let go of anything that no longer serves… and learn when enough is enough. Because nothing is worth losing our peace… I bow to the Divine within you – Namaste  Reverend Lisa j Winston   Nov 19 2016

Link to video of ordination

November 9, 2016 – The Day After the Presidential Election

This morning I took a walk to remind myself that beauty still exists in the world …the sky is still blue, the sun still shines and flowers still bloom. It brought peace and still-ness to my sad, restless heart. It is so important to find the beauty, the wisdom and the compassion in our hearts and to stay in our highest vibration, to move forward through this illusion and not to succumb to fear, anger or despair. Nothing is worth losing your PEACE.

Autumn’s Arrival in Sonoma

Enjoy these recent photos of what I see day-to-day in and around home at the Sonoma Ashram and along Sonoma backroads. Grapevines and trees are just starting to turn. I love the warm autumn light, the shorter days and longer shadows. Feels good to be turning toward Autumn.

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All photos ©2016 LjWinston/LjW DivineSight