Feng Shui

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”   Thomas Merton, Christian Mystic

Feng Shui Photos - Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood

Feng Shui Photos – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood

Three Feng Shui Tips

Enliven Your Workflow Energy:     If you work on a laptop or mobile device, move with the sun. Start your day in a room filled with plenty of morning sunlight and finish your day in a room with afternoon sun.

Increase Potential Flow of Wealth:     Put a natural citrine crystal in the wealth corner of your home or office, or in a cash register or money drawer.

Establish a Commanding Position:     The best position for a bed or a desk is in the farthest corner from the door with a clear line of sight toward the door.


  • Initial Consultation: Up to 2 hours in your space, plus report and recommendations
  • De-clutter: Hands on solutions to clear and organize your space
  • Down-Sizing: Emotional and spiritual support for elders and families while moving
  • Home Blessing: In your preferred spiritual tradition
  • Pre-purchase Evaluation: Building or space analyzed for optimum balance and harmony
  • Remodel Evaluation: Layout, colors, design analyzed for harmonious integration
  • Special Occasion: Individual room Feng Shui for a teen birthday, new baby or elder care
  • Unique Solutions: Use of art, photography and natural crystals for harmony and balance
  • Creating Sacred Space: Guidance for creating altars and meditation spaces

Your home and workspace should enhance your overall well-being and life course: your health, family, relationships, career and prosperity. I use Feng Shui to bring beauty and nature into your environment from the perspective of my 35 years as a contemplative photographer. Color, texture, line, light and shadow, positive and negative space, are as dynamic in our daily environment as in a well-composed image. My Feng Shui training is in the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) lineage, certified by Feng Shui Designs Learning Center/China Studies. I am also trained in the esoteric wisdom traditions and major faiths of the world through the Nine Gates Mystery School and as an Ordained Interfaith Reverend with The Chaplaincy Institute. Collaborating with Residential Designer, NLP Practitioner and Kahuna, Meredith Herrenbruck, we offer a uniquely personal blend of Feng Shui and Interior ReDesign consultations and adjustments for your home or workspace.

Please contact me for rates specific to the size of your space, your location, and your desired outcomes.

415-747-5409 diva@ljwdivinesight.us

What Clients Say

Skylight over Stairwell_2

Skylight over Stairwell _2

Lisa did a thorough and conscientious job of looking at my new home from a Feng Shui perspective.  She quickly identified that there was an energy drain from my front door directly out the windows which are across the living room, and open to a valley below. She suggested putting in a tall plant to slow down and ground the energy.  I happened to also have an unusual stairwell right in the foyer that was problematic.  She suggested a tall Ficus in the stairwell, and adding a skylight so the tree would be happy with the light. The energy feels great now and it’s beautiful to boot!  That fix took care of two major areas of concern at once. Then she went the extra mile helping me hang all my art!  — MM, San Anselmo, CA

o o o o o o o o o

Lisa’s amazing Feng Shui analysis gave us easy, practical advice to transform the energy in our home. In one day, my husband and I bought some beautiful accessories to increase the flow of abundance into our lives and to help us rest more deeply in our bedroom. We experienced a miraculous improvement in our sleep and dreaming and we are loving the abundance flowing into our lives! Thank you Lisa!  — M&J Redwood City, CA

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