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Slideshow from Sisters of Spirit Retreat – August 8-14 Hawaii

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Coming in 2019-2020 – Journeys for Women – Where Spirit & Photography Meet

Japan  •   Italy  •  Scotland

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What people say:

Zen of Visualization Nature Outing – Where Spirit and Photography Meet:  Lisa organized a most useful and enjoyable Zen outing and her instructions were very helpful to me, particularly how focusing on ‘less’ can be ‘more.’ Thanks!  RD

Lisa helps me understand why I enjoy photography. Her guidelines help me connect to the overall scene and individual subjects. As a result my senses are enhanced and I see things I would not otherwise see. JN

Creative Audience Feedback – Thank you Lisa! The Creative Audience Feedback session was very enlightening. I enjoyed learning a new way to view images, a nice exercise to access creativity. DP

Eye of Innocence Workshop – I attended Lisa’s Eye of Innocence workshop in San Francisco’s China Town. Lots of fun and a great time was had by all. Really a great way to get out and break-out of the mindset that you bring to snapping photos and becoming part of a journey to see the previously unseen with a new perspective.  As Chevy Chase noted in the movie Caddy Shack in relationship to golf before striking the ball; “Be the ball.” Here I think the key is to “Seeing fresh with a new perspective, to become the image in your minds eye first.” Many thanks for making this a refreshing, enjoyable and shared space of discovery.  PT