Divine Light Mandalas

Limited Edition Photographs – Signed and Numbered

Each mandala carries it’s own vibrational energy signature. Meditate with one and you may find yourself feeling more energized, more focused or more joyful. Meditation with these photo mandalas may also help release blocked energy in your chakras.

I recommend the following: Root Chakra – Divine Mother Kali, or Golden Thread Spinning; Sacral Chakra – Buddha’s Enlightenment; Solar Plexus Chakra – Alchemical Gold; Heart Chakra – Manna From Heaven; Throat Chakra – Conscious Speech; Third Eye Chakra – 3rd eye Opening; Crown Chakra – Violet Ray or Ascension Portal.

10 x 15 prints $150 • 16 x 24 prints $270 • plus tax, shipping and handling

All photographs are archival prints on fine art paper

Email me to order: revlisa@ljwdivinesight.us

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery

These images were created by photographing holiday lights at a slow shutter speed of 1 second while dancing with the camera. I used an ISO of 100 and Aperture of f8. The original image is 1/4 of each composite. In PhotoShop I mirrored the original image one time, then mirrored the resulting image again to create the mandala effect. When you shoot lights enough you become familiar with what effects you will get from different types such as LEDs or rope lighting. By experimenting with different movements the results can be astounding and fun!

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