Testimonials & Awards


Zen of Visualization Presentation at Marin Photo Club: Lisa Winston was very interesting. I have been an admirer of her spiritual mentor, Minor White, ever since reading his biography “rites and Passages” years ago. Lisa continues his exploration of merging photography and Eastern Religion beautifully. RR

Zen of Visualization Nature Outing – Where Spirit and Photography Meet:  Lisa organized a most useful and enjoyable Zen outing and her instructions were very helpful to me, particularly how focusing on ‘less’ can be ‘more.’ Thanks!  RD

Lisa helped me understand why I enjoy photography. Her guidelines helped me connect to the overall scene and individual subjects. As a result my sense were enhanced and I saw things I would not have otherwise seen. JN

Creative Audience Feedback – Thank you Lisa! The Creative Audience Feedback session was very enlightening. I enjoyed learning a new way to view images, a nice exercise to access creativity. DP

Lisa did a wonderful job in the Creative Feedback process! It really helped to get clear about the process of capturing and feeling the emption in an image. It will be fun to go out again with the  learned processes. HA

Eye of Innocence Workshop – I attended the Eye of Innocence workshop in San Francisco’s China Town. Lots of fun and a great time was had by all. Really a great way to get out and break-out of the mindset that you bring to snapping photos and becoming part of a journey to see the previously unseen with a new perspective.  As Chevy Chase noted in the movie Caddy Shack in relationship to golf before striking the ball; “Be the ball.” Here I think the key is to “Seeing fresh with a new perspective, to become the image in your minds eye first.” Many thanks for making this a refreshing, enjoyable and shared space of discovery.  PT

OnLine Class – Embracing the Mystery Through Contemplative Photography: “I’m enjoying Lisa’s photo class a great deal–it’s exactly the approach to photography and connecting with the spirit of everything I was hoping it would be.” – SB


2017 – Photography Books:  Divine Light Mandalas   •   Divine Reflections in Nature   •   Holy Waters   •  Wabi-Sabi

2016 – Vimeo Files:  Divine Reflections In Nature  •  Hands of Devotion  •  2016 Fall Navaratri

2016 – Photography Books:  Black & White Contemplative   •   Sacred Flowers of Sonoma Ashram

2015 – Marin Photo Club Exhibit at Marin Civic Center – 2 B&W images

2015 – ‘Capturing Lightning in a Bottle’ – Marin Photo Club Exhibit at Marin Civic Center – 4 abstract images

2014, 2012, 2010, 2009 – Best of Photographer’s Forum Magazine Annual Book – 1 image nominated and included in book each year

2013 – ‘Best of Nature’ – Ordover Gallery @ San Diego Natural History Museum – Juried Exhibit – 1 image – Honorable Mention

2013 – Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for International Women Photographers – Juried – Nominee in Fine Art – 5 image portfolio; and Landscape – 2 images

2011 – Photographs published in Nine Gates Mystery School marketing materials

2011, 2010 – International B&W Spider Awards – Juried Exhibit – 1 image nominated in each category – Journalism and Nature

2010, 2009 – ‘The Art of Photography Today’ – Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver CO – Juried Exhibit – 1 image each year

2009 – ‘Artists of Colorado’ – eventgallery 910, Denver CO – Juried Exhibit – 1 image – Best of Show B&W Photograph

2009 – ‘Mind/FULL’ Photography Show – 
Flash Gallery, Lakewood CO – Juried Exhibit – 4 images

2008 – ‘Sensual Botanica’ Show – Flash Gallery, Lakewood CO – Juried Exhibit – 1 image

2007 – ‘Open Sky Collective’ Emerging Artists 
- eventgallery 910, Denver, CO – Exhibit of students of John Daido Loori, Roshi – 3 images

2006 – Mountain Record, The Zen Practioner’s Journal – Reflections on Creative Audience 
Photography ‘Seeing Beyond the Verge of Sight’ – 1 photo and reflection piece

2006 – ‘Coming Alive’– one-woman show @ Colorado Academy of Art – Boulder CO – 50 images

Email revlisa@ljwdivinesight.us

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