Retreats & Journeys with Lisa

Would you like to experience more beauty, grace and clarity in your life?Are you ready to honor your Divine Self?

Reverend Lisa Winston

Reverend Lisa Winston

If you answer YES, bring your open heart, mind and willingness to explore as we embark on a fresh way of seeing and being with our inner and outer worlds. Using creative, sacred and healing arts, we ponder and behold, perform ceremony and rituals, make art, play and have fun. When we slow down and truly connect with our selves we discover inner wisdom, awaken clear vision, and align transformative energies for greater peace and clarity. That’s the Beauty, Wisdom and Alchemy of Divine Sight.

Lisa not only makes you feel immediately comfortable, she is delightfully engaging. With her years of amazing direct experience and training, she brings a wealth and depth of knowledge I feel few people possess. I am honored to know her as a friend, teacher and colleague. Her wisdom and light enhances my life greatly. – Meredith Bressie-Herrenbruck,  Author, Speaker, NLP and Huna Practitioner

Divine Sight Workshop  – TBA – Sonoma CA

Reflections In Nature – Women’s Retreat – TBA – San Francisco Bay Area

Creative, Contemplative Pilgrimages  – Varanasi India, Ubud Bali, Kyoto Japan – TBA

When we see with our eyes, we see the reflection of the light. When we see with our hearts, it is the light. – Colleen Zarba

The beauty of Lisa’s vision and how she captures it for us through the lens of her camera and through her words is absolutely profound. Her great gift as a teacher is how she gently guides us to see through an open heart. – Gay Luce, Founder Nine Gates Mystery School

About me – My spiritual journey has lead me to become an Ordained Interfaith Reverend graduating from The Chaplaincy Institute for the Arts and Interfaith Seminary in Berkeley, California. I am also a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School and Tree of Life Teachings. Currently I am a student of Baba Harihar Ram (Guru Babaji) of the ancient Aghor Yoga lineage.

I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and an award-winning photographer with over 35 years of experience. Following the Zen lineage of master photographers Minor White and John Daido Loori, I embrace their core disciplines of contemplative visualization, conscious camerawork and creative audience feedback. When subject and object become one an energetic merging takes place and the resulting image radiates a soulful essence that is both seen and felt by the photographer and the viewer. Spirit always stands still for the photographer It has chosen. – Minor White

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